Culture Cooler.: A Big Latte, A Hollywood Twirl and a Monstrous Tea. November 27.

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CALIFORNIA | Hello Friend!



A Venice based barista poured one large latte: 64 ounces. Christopher ‘Nicely’ Abel, co-owner of Menottis in Venice pulled a dozen 32 oz shots according to his Instagram account “to create one big representation of love to counter all the hate and confusion” around the elections. The three pound cup latte was created with half a gallon of milk with Four Barrel’s Friendo Blendo espresso.



via New York Times

via New York Times

Ephemeral actor Ryan Gosling (Sebastien) makes the front page of Arts and Leisure dancing with a barista, Mia played by Emma Stone. Yes, this is something out of the movies – or musical to be accurate.   La La Land the movie as musical, takes coffee culture for a twirl, literally. And according to the Times it’s worth all that old Hollywood magic.

LOS ANGELES | A spot of tea.


Snap! It’s the last day for the Los Angeles Museum of Art’s exhibition of Guillermo del Toro’s ‘At Home With Monsters’ . If you miss their snap story, which has just a few hours left as of this publishing on @LACMA, or, if you miss the exhibition closing today, stay tuned to when it comes to Toronto or Minneapolis in 2017 as it will appear in both cities during the calendar year. For now, have a sip of tea.