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The annual Festival De Cannes is a visual grounds for all the films that come to Cannes, in the South of France to preview genres of all kinds.

Occurring since 1946 its highest prize is the Palme d’Or, given to best film. Other competitions include Grand Prix, Prix du Jury, Palme d’Or du Court Mirage (short film) among others. Spanning eleven days May 8- May 19, 2018 films shown will cover a myriad of countries, culture and of course moments around coffee.

For a look at one such film, there is Birds Passage/Pajaros de Verano screening in the Cannes Directors’ Fortnight. According to a synopsis the two-fold title, “evokes the various species of fowl that form the myths of the Native American Wayuu people, who’ve lived for thousands of years in Colombia’s northeast Guajira region — a picturesque strip of flatlands nestled between the jungle and the sea. And it evokes the Cessnas and other light aircraft which, as the story (by Maria Camila Arias and Jacques Toulemonde, from an idea by Gallego) takes off, start landing in the area to receive deliveries of marijuana that will be shipped to the United States, and by doing so will set off a wave of prosperity and bloodshed that will tear the locals apart.”

The story becomes complicated when a young man named Raphayet (Jose Acosta) asks for Zaida’s hand in marriage and the doury is too much for the groom “who traffics in liquor and coffee beans.”

Power is gained, foundations are shaken, and livelihoods are jeopardize as an one culture mitigates the influence of another.





industry |kick, start, go, fund.

Coffee does that, kickstarts the day. It funds farmers life, importers business and coffee shop dreams.

Coffee  also kickstarted the life of projects backed by hopes, dreams, science and a passion around coffee.

There was the recently water project by Colonna Smalls, 2018;  the stylish Goat Story 2014, the newly launched Redlands Augies Coffee Redlands project on Go Fund Me (now), Cream the pitcher that wanted to elevate the steaming of milk (2016( , the third wave Star Wars Pin series, 2018 – which this culture didn’t hear about until after it funded – Barista, a fiction film about a service worker navigating life – its costs – while supporting herself on cafe wages, and now Tonx which at the time of this publishing had to be updated from one quarter funded to three quarters in under two days.

Yes Plz on Kickstarter

Teasing it’s launch with an animated gif – black background, white like drawing, and a subscription coffee box that opens – Tonx newest venture Yes Plz – a product and service that will deliver coffee is on its way to be being full funded and boxed.

Whether ones pockets are jaded on the next great coffee thing, cause or subscription what is true is that in a search of over 35,000 projects on Kickstarter with the below results coffee is barely heating up. In the words of Kendrick Lamar, coffee culture can feel like ‘a secret society, all we ask is a trust, all we got is us, loyalty, loyalty, loyalty.”  And that it seems sums up this industry or any other that leans on its friend to fund not just a dream but what they are geeked up and fired about. Swerve your dollars, if you will.



Once there was a man who was went from Register Operator to Creative Director in coffee. Then that man created a podcast. This podcast would trace the history and critical analysis of an artist and his music over the course of a season. His name is Cole Cuchna. The coffee shop was Temple Coffee in Sacramento. The podcast is Dissect. Initially on Spotify for two seasons, the serialized podcast returns for Season Three by the music theory graduate who has a thing so far for males, hip hop and artists of color: Season One, Kendrick Lamar To Pimp A Butterfly, Season 2, Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and now season Three, featuring Frank Ocean’s Blond. Now on Spotify, the original podcast serves as a service and a deep dive into the mind of one through that of another, host to musician. 

For the Venn diagram of when coffee and music intersects, this creation of culture through a person once in coffee going Spotify stream has the play button pressed. And, of course me, myself and I grabbing for a spoon.

Grab your tableware.