Culture Cooler.: Cereal & such, A New Office Party, Coffee in the Meadow and McCafe Directs Film, Sept.19

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Little Canal


Los Angeles, CA | Have breakfast.

Cereal and such, the North Virgil place for cereal and such, that will minimally cost you about $5 per order, popped up at Urban Outfitters and Space 15 Twenty courtesy of Good Posture. It included a live installation including a podcast and broadcast featuring Theo Martins, Yea Free and King Thelonius.

If you missed it, the recordings are coming to the performance and event venue’s blog online.If you think the Virgil space is a front more than cereal and coffee. You’re right. Stay Tuned. Meantime, eat cereal and listen to audio album ‘tm’ now.



Toronto, Canada |

The Toronto Film Festival holds international ground with film and McDonalds. McDonald’s McCafe – which recently re-launched its espresso menu –  was the official coffee sponsor of the film festival. Instead of just b-rolling its product through films or leaving it to print posters to do the job, it created a video campaign where barista a la directors could present its new menu as filmed scenes with coffee commentary.

The Golden Arches are digging in.



Highland Park, CA | Going to the office is fun again. 



officepartyofficeparty, @instagram

Brothers and civilians behind Civil Coffee expanded their tag ‘It’s a good day to be Civil ‘ to ‘It’s a good day to be civil…at an office party’ for the official opening of the performance and event venue Office Party in Highland Park.

The party was an open house moderated with indie grown labels providing vitals of food: Tyler Wells, wine, Pour This, music – Chances With Wolves and The Flash Dance. All this culture converging, can’t you see why it was a party. Now open for coffee breaks.



Queens, NY | Count Queens In.

themeadowsnyc, @instagram

The Meadows Music & Arts Festival in Queens took three days to give the crowd in its meadows performances by some of the music industries most historic and beloved artists. including Erykah Badu, caffeinated by Café Bustelo. Set up as an experience, coffee celebrated music as the crowd did, with more than just a wrist band, but with a company known for providing a charge of energy, the caffeinated way.