Culture Cooler.: Capsules are in, Coffee joins a Cover Star, An Island Celebrates. Oct.11,016

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coffeetographer_chermelle_october_2016BATH, LONDON:

Packing a punch.

The time hasn’t come, it is here. That time is when the specialty coffee industry’s advancements from the seats of small independents to tackle thoughts and inventions proffered by large commodity coffee companies, have become inventions and products  of small and mighty cafe’s and purveyors – all in the pursuit of a packed shot of coffee.  Colonna Smalls’ announcement of coffees by genre, in an available suggested teaser pack of capsule coffee,”espresso and filter roasts are available for beans in the foundation and discovery genres,” is no small feat.  Show us the cap. 


Cover star.

The annual New Yorker Festival, a cultural program of talks, live conversations, screenings and events that are experiences took place over three days and evenings of programming. In conjunction with the dozens of cultural cameos and communal gathering of minds, the programming was accented by storytelling in various forms, including a series entitled, The Covers Café which exhibited covers of past New Yorker issues with coffee in tandem.  



The nation of America recently celebrated National Coffee Day and the world recently honored International Coffee Day. This week, an island that’s far from being a body of land surrounded by water and unto itself celebrates Hawai’i Coffee Week. Founded by Ueshima Coffee Corp (UCC)  which has more than “15,000 coffee trees on approximately 35 acres of land, is located 1,509 feet above sea level at the foot of Mt. Hualalai.” The island teems with historic coffee and a culture that is a window into how coffee has shaped the bean as a lifestyles. Weekday plans.