Given Cinco de Mayo, the weekend was just a little longer for some which meant waiting for the festivities of the last 24 hours to conclude so that they could be included in this weeks Culture Cooler.


Coffee: in the Wing, with Wieners and among Wheels.

Met Gala Attendees

Met Gala Attendees

ONE: Art likes to get dressed up. Who can blame it?   The Met Gala held yearly within the grandeur of the Metropolitan Museum in New York, is a cultural extravaganza with attendees from all of the arts.  Its guests are invited with themed sartorial instructions, cocktails and dinner.    Held in mid-spring where the climate is ideal the Gala raises money for the cause of art and its annual fashion exhibit, of which this years theme was after the late Charles James ‘Beyond Fashion’. I’m happy to know – thanks Vogue – that one of the world’s biggest cultural players also was in attendance – coffee was on the dessert menu. How sweet [that] is!  cupUp  Ms. Wintour and the entire Vogue family.



Stephanie Stevens Turini + Greg Stevens

TWO: Perhaps the unlikely combination of coffee milk and hot wieners was something of an American classic from the start. On May 5th, fourth generation owned, New York restaurant – Olneyville New York System, which offers both – took home a James Beard Award in the category of American Classics at Lincoln Center for this years theme ‘Sounds of the City’, an ode to the intersection of food and music which this space praises. Is there anything more classic than that ultimate power couple?


Menotti’s, Sunday Sessions via Cody Chouinard

THREE: Contrary to the idea that coffee shops in these millennial days are full of plugged in, screen-glued patrons, I spied this image from Twitter user Cody Chouinard @CCanadianBacon, titled ‘Sunday Sessions’ from one of the locations from an upcoming coffee culture Instameet I’m co-hosting at Menotti’s that was wonderfully on the contrary.  It’s a beautiful scene that still exists and can be found despite the shift in function by many a coffee space consumer. Its simple and sheer stillness and in stillness, there’s art. Crank and click.