Culture Cooler.: Concerns in Yunnan, Civets in Indonesia, Wages and Coffee, Green in GlassGlow, Sugar Tax and More. April 10.

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oat macchiato, Alibi Coffee Co

as oat becomes a popular milk alternative, baristas across the nation are learning how to foam it artistically.

1: At current coffee  prices, I can’t even feed my family,” says the farmer Yang. “My only way out is to produce specialty coffee, to make the best coffee beans.”

2: The best entrepreneurs are like a good cup of coffee: fresh, strong, and bold.

3: As the specialised coffee industry grew and tourism increased to Indonesia, civets became “protected” creatures – but for the financial gain of farmers and zoos.

4: JAB gave the first sign it’s trying to actively disrupt the coffee industry: It’s unveiled a new retail site called Trade that focuses on craft coffee the way, say, Etsy specializes in handmade home décor or Zappos sells shoes.

5: Minimum wage hikes hits the price of coffee.

6: You’ve been warned: sugar tax campaigners fix sights on coffee.

7A small mom-and-pop coffee shop in South Carolina is getting national attention because of its employees, all of whom have intellectual or cognitive disabilities.

8: Could coffee stop clogged arteries?

9: “The event organizers ask ticket holders to bring their own reusable cup to combat the 30,000 tonnes of coffee cup waste which are disposed each year in the UK,” Glasgow-based festival organizer Dear Green Coffee Roasters wrote in an announcement of the initiative.