Culture Cooler.: The Winning Game of Coffee, Death and Fashion \ February 8.

Milk does a culture good.


@meeshalrj instagram, captured by @cheyp

One hundred competing baristas gathered in the famed clicking heels state of Kansas City for the 2016 qualifying United States Barista Championship competition. Some with stories possibly as young as the newly implemented competition format, or as old as their the last regionals in 2015 came to tell a story that they hoped would land them among the dozen of finalists.

With new changes, a condensed version of two sensory judges instead of four, two espressos, 2 milk based beverages and 2 signature drinks for each, the five minutes shaved off the routine time – now ten minutes, allowed 25 baristas to compete daily in a four-day period.
Twelve were named as finalists and winners. The Eastern Conference winner being Trevor Corlett of MadCap Coffee a multiple year competitor as is The Western Conference winner Cole McBride of PublicUs.
Additionally the U.S. Brewers Cup Championship was also held during this qualifying event where Jenny Bonchak took the Eastern Conference Title and Benjamin Lytle of Novel Coffee Roasters Took the Western Conference Title.
See them in April or the livestream of the barista routines in the meantime courtesy of Pacific Foods who sponsored the live streaming service.
Coffee is Life 
@deathwishcoffee, instagram

@deathwishcoffee, instagram

When she was ready to go home, she clicked her heels. When the culture is ready for coffee, it proverbially twiddles its finger hoping to make the wish come true be it by home brewer or at specialty coffee shop near it.   While the world through specialty coffee is become increasingly aware of other complex methods to brew coffee, the wish for most is still, a good and strong black cup of coffee.  Death Wish Coffee, got its wish when it won a competition by Intuit for a free Superbowl Ad during the most watch programming in television.   It came on during the third quarter of the sporting event – Denver Broncos, led by Peyton Manning won. With ads going up to 5 million dollars, this culture says that’s one wish of a lifetime.

David Hart, photographed by David Carlo Photography

David Hart, photographed by David Carlo Photography

The second annual New York Fashion Week Mens’ graced the city of New York with dozens of presentations and shows by designers locally and abroad. One show that caught this culture’s attention was designer David Hart, on day one, February 1, 2016. Models weren’t just fitted in menswear but also in culture as the scene placed groups of men in quads with musical instruments and/or coffee settings. Given that the world of culture always plays together – music and fashion, music and coffee – the congruence of the three together during the weeks opening night was a pleasurable one.