culture cooler.: Designer Coffee Cups, Malaysia’s Black Coffee, Beauty in a Coffee Revolution and more.

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The Assembly Cafe


Designer tackles disposable coffee cup dilemna- and her solution is steaming hot.


Compared to the traditional Malaysian black coffee roasted with margarine and sugar, the white coffee is roasted only with margarine gives it a lighter colour.


Starbucks, I Take My Coffee Black


Over the past few decades, coffee’s reputation has flip-flopped faster than a politician’s.


Vive la revolution – of the coffee beauty product.


Coffee connoisseurs might pride themselves on their ability to drink the strong stuff, but the most popular coffee drinks purchased in the UK are milk-based. UK


:How did we get here, to this movie about hawking a product with no inherent value, to a real world where a potentially exploitative loan is coffee-shop conversation? New York


:Kenyan farmers used to grow macadamia trees to shade their coffee Now they’re making so much from production of the nuts that they’re abandoning the beans. Kenya


Hey, we have very good coffee’ And of course, we have to define what makes it excellent,” Danny said. Indonesia

10: “Now I am horrified thinking about all the black coffee lids and takeout containers I have rinsed and recycled thinking it was okay.” Toronto