Culture Cooler:. Dunkin Donuts Goes Live, Water Ave Coffee Adds Sugar, Colombia a Summer Host. Dec. 19, 2016

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When coffee culture makes a prime time cameo on Saturday Night Live:  Slam Dunk!  Its appearance in a skit on the SNL Christmas special show ranks in as the highest rated show since November 12th, capturing the 18-49 demographic at four million viewers.   Given the slogan ‘America Runs on Dunkin’ for the fast food chain Dunkin Donuts, might the chain’s share of coffee also be speaking to the share of audience that the late night show is claiming at the end of the year?  A small coffee costs $1.59.   That’s a real customers price. Specialty to be determined.




Water Ave Coffee, instagram

Water is to chocolate as water is to coffee. And sugar, cane sugar to be exact. Culturally known as panela from the Central and Latin America countries, it’s a flavorful sugar, handmade from crushed sugar cane and water.   A small batch Portland coffee roasting  company Water Avenue Coffee inspired by the coffee regions of Colombia, has created a new signature craft drink called Aguapanela – an Americano with Just Panela Cane sugar and its own roasted coffee.  So a seat the table means a seat of drinkable inspiration. Water rocks!


MEDELLÍN, Colombia | summer host

Cappuccino Juan Valdes, Bogota Colomba

Cappuccino Juan Valdes, Bogota Colomba

It’s a first for Colombia. In July 2017,  the city will host the first will host the first World Coffee Producers Forum. Forty producing countries will convene in the city to “foster sustainability from seed to cup and identify strategies to achieve better distribution of value and responsibility among all actors of the coffee chain.” Additonally with these countries and key players in the industry attending the forum other issues of sustainability, climate change, and price volatility will also be discussed. Register here.  Viva Colombia!