Culture Cooler.: Ecuador, Mexico and Maryland Indie Cafes With a Cause | July 11, 2017

bloom where planted





When a record is broken, it means a new bar or bean of accomplishment has occurred. It is the case in Mexico. Six lots of coffee scored above 90 points in the Cup of Excellence auction – a worldwide competition measuring cup quality for coffee. However, after winning such prestigious rankings the lots were stolen in a robbery. Its producers need help to recoup their losses and provide monetary support to the farmers. Visit here.


Baltimore, MARYLAND |

Where’s there’s a mission there’s a cause. One building among a city of buildings is looking for a little salvation by a group of humans who want to create community over gentrification, a home over a temporary residence. To give Dovecote, the landlords are allowing them to buy the building which they’’ll continue to use for the café while also providing affordable housing apartments for five artists. Dovecote calls their impact among other things, “the fullness of Black joy.” Support them here.


Otavalo, ECUADOR |

Six years ago, a couple moved to Otavalo, Ecuador from the United States. While pursuing a spiritual path, they opened a specialty coffee shop – La Cosecha – which has grown to employ seven locals who support themselves and family members through their employment at the café. This couple, Andra and Josh Carter must now relocate back to the States but would like to do so with leaving the business in the hands of the people to secure their jobs, the café’s quality and to allow the café to be entirely employee owned. From providing one-of-a-kind breads to being a top tourist destination, La Cosecha needs help to continue to bloom. Discover its IndieGoGo campaign here.