Culture Cooler: Three things To Talk About From the Weekend // 1 | 5′ 15


via The Guardian

via The Guardian

1. Perth, Australia | Hopman Cup

Is it legal to order an espresso? During a tennis match?

While some of the world was still sound sleep, Serena Williams, the world class tennis player was in Perth and wanted to know.In between her Hopman Cup match which she would eventually win, she had a coffee break-ish snack after first asking if it was legal to order an espresso. It was, and she had such espresso and then won her next two sets 6-3, 6-0 respectively.  She said, “Everyone needs coffee every now and then.” Sounds like espresso is the break shot of this champion.



via @Stumptown, A Brief Illustrated History

via @Stumptown, A Brief Illustrated History

2. Portland | Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Fifteen years of Stumpin’.

On January 2, 2015, one of specialty coffee’s early purveyors celebrated its fifteenth year as a roaster and coffee shop in artistic style. Stumptown grammed about its anniversary which linked back to a blog post – long form style – detailing a brief history of its inception in 1999 up until now.  There’s roses, wiry sketch lines and loads of important history including its conscious coupling with the Ace Hotel. See the history here and above all, enjoy with coffee, if you like.

vig @ggetla

via @ggetla

3. Go Get Em LA | Los Feliz, California


Surprises are quite the social buzz these days. GandB, the owners of Go Get Em Tiger announced on Instagram that they are having another baby. A coffee shop baby that is. The delivery is scheduled to come to the neighborhood of Los Feliz. What better way to show and tell  the news than to upload to its Instagram feed, a photo of its newest location with visible construction and all. Here’s to Los Feliz and Los Tigres.


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