Culture Cooler.: Ducks in Fitzroy, Shade in Bedstuy, A Carafe Takes Portland.

jump, splash, shout


Naomi S. Clark

Naomi S. Clark

Bedstuy, Brooklyn


If tapestry could speak, it would approve of how many colors artist Naomi S. Clark uses with the stroke of her hand. There are the two curtain panels draped on the North wall, a set of canvas to the south and along the back parlor of the shop. Mixing paint and collage into a happy medium the works provides welcome splashes of color in a two tone environment adept for an artistic expression of color and true grit such as this. It’s like jumping into a water puddle, on a hot summer day expecting a splash of cool and getting it!






Portland Oregon

brush me silver

We’ll call this kettle, a carafe! A product of Ration, Ratio Thermal Carafe, a second Kickstarter product by the company reached its goal over the weekend. Its, a thermal carafe “designed for use with the Ratio Eight Coffee Machine, also functions as a stand alone thermal serving device for coffee or tea, and as a manual pour over vessel with a matching ceramic cone.” The design is minimal, sleek and perfect as a non-fussy tool  on top of a table top. Congratulations to this little carafe that could.


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Fitzroy, Melbourne:

duck, duck, brew.

Sri Lanka’s curbside flavors become a little more official in a brick and mortar location at Pavlovs Duck – Lankan cooking with a touch of mom and that of experimental ‘crazy’ – where a new nightime menu also means baristas are now experimenting with coffee and lager pairings. That’s a ‘crazy’ this culture can explore given these ‘ducks’ have partnered with Padre Coffee for their brew, nice to see their won’t be a need to chase down good coffee in this cafe setting while  experiencing mom’s recipes.