Culture Cooler.: Free Climbers & Coffee at SXSW, Miami’s Grumpy Open, and A Plus Sized Coffee Table Book. March 21, 2018

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Films are made about those who have dreamed some impossible dreams. And  films are made of those who have conquered those same impossible dreams. Enter documentary film  ‘The Dawn Wall’ by Red Bull Media House Productions which premiered at the just wrapped annual SXSW festival about two climbers, Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson, whose hands and hearts take on one historic climb.

The original climb takes place in 2015 as the two free climbers spend 19 days traversing the vertical rock formation called El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. What is interesting about this film is all the conversations that happen between the over coffee that makes each day an inch towards achieving the possible.  Can this culture dare to say, that once again, coffee fuels history.

One time for the free climbers.

See the trailer here.




INDUSTRY, Café Grumpycafe-grumpy-miami-coral-gables-open

Coral Gables is a Florida city near Miami. With 50,000 people as of 2016 it prides itself on providing everyday experiences through its historic landmarks, arts and cultures and cultural centers.  This past weekend, the Brooklyn founded Café Grumpy opened its first storefront in this neighborhood, offering a New York take on espresso and coffee culture to a neighborhood whose first coffee house was Café Demetrio, patterned after the 18th century European café.  Additionally, it has Café Curuba – also on Ponce De Leon Blvd as is Café Grumpy – a quaint location whose press can hold its weight in shots.

Café Grumpy, a multi-café and roasting brand now finds itself with its ninth coffee front among the culture of tropical gardens, botanical centers including the famed Coral Gables Museum, which should be a visit if coffee is part of your destination.  Expect its signature grumpy face on the doors, its orange themed ceramics and coffee from Ethiopia, El Salvador, Peru and many more regions.

Turn those frowns around.




This is big. As in a big coffee table deal.  Bethany Rutter, a women’s plus size fashion band just published PLUS +, a plus size street style book documenting narratives by women who are plus the typical narratives for models, influencers in fashion and captured in street style. Speaking to the website Refinery 29, author Rutter shares her peace with her own body and her desire to empower readers to see themselves as part of a global community of diverse women. And, this culture might add, as part of a diverse list of tomes to our tables.