culture cooler.: Frieze L.A., High Fidelity, Louis Vuitton’s Le Cafe V

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  1. freeze frame

    Derrick Adams, @salon94

Consider an Art Fair a love letter to a city. Los Angeles received its very own letter dispatched to Paramount Pictures Studios in the form of Frieze Los Angeles, where 75 presentations occurred, curated from within the city of L.A and abroad.

For three days, over the presidential holiday weekend 14th-16th, the program included Frieze Projects: artist installations, sculptures and performances, across themes covering inclusivity, women and the role of public art and specifically to the city of Los Angeles.

While visitors – more than 70,000 of them – took on all that Frieze had to artistically offer there were places for attendees to refresh themselves. As viewers satiated their eye for art, there was fuel for those looking to make it through all the fairs sights, projects, films, talks and  more with food experiences which included drinks by Cha Cha Matcha. known for its ceremonial grade matcha.


2. double, double

@yosuke_yoga, instagram

High fashion and café’s are in. Louis Vuitton opened its first restaurant featuring a café, Le CaféV, in Osaka, Japan on February 15th.  And, Tiffany & Co. opened its first Blue Box Café in Europe – in iconic Tiffany blue – at Harrods in London.  Given the pairing of luxury shopping and specialty coffee consumers can expect a heightened sensory experience to bookend quality purchases.


3. and, action!

Streaming channel Hulu’s new show, High Fidelity is here. Expect scenes in record shop and bars and coffee shops? Ah maybe not, at least ones with pink neon signs and floral wallpaper which, main character Rob, played by Zoë  Kravitz’s thinks  are uncool. Do you?


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