Culture Cooler.: A Green Initiative, Official Papers in Manilla, DKNY’s SS ’17 Campaign, and The Robot that Brews. January 30.

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U.S. and Abroad | 75 for 7


excerpt, Starbucks January 29th, letter.

In response to a presidential order that issued a temporary ban on humans entering the United States from these countries: “Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.” A third space pioneer – Starbucks issued a statement addressing the ban. In response, Starbucks is committed to employing 10,000 refugees over the next five years in 75 countries where Starbucks conducts business. Additionally, its donating money and coffee trees to its partners in Mexico.  This culture is watching to see how these efforts evolve.  What a lady.


San Francisco, CA  | The robot will be right there.

Cafe X Technology


Or, so Cafe X Technologies hopes. Today, it launched the first ever robotic barista. Aiming to duplicate the human experience of craft and connection – er, we thin – the robotic barista makes coffee by app or Ipad. Talk about technology making the consumer experience quicker. Roaster picks the coffee, you pick the type -even single origin- with accoutrements including adding flavor, should you desire. The first of its kind in the United States, you can order coffee from anywhere and pick it up at a pick up area in the Bay area.  Coffee on the table. 


New York, NY | Is it Spring/Summer yet?



Fashion brand DKNY says it is, with its new campaign for the 2017 season unveiled on January 29th. Part of an open and public Instagram competition, the campaign is live at locations like a coffee shop, record store, nail salon, bakery, graffitied mural, and of course, the DKNY Soho store,” according to Fashion Week Daily. With a newly relaunched site at and a new face Bella Hadid, the hunt for a $4500 shopping spree has begun. The question is which coffee shop will the campaign pop up in? Here’s a clue from Instagram user @mellosports above.  Tow the coffee line.

FOUR | Official papers

coffeetographer_arabica_coffee_kyoto-manilla_2017, instagram

A new flagship coffee store is coming to Manilla. Arabica Coffee signed a “master franchise contract” according to its Instagram profile to open stores in Manilla. Toting their motto ‘See the World Through Coffee’ the Kyoto founded brand will be opening their first vision of a cafe later in the year. The first is coming later in the year. Follow the journey here, as this culture now is.