Culture Cooler: Gucci’s Coffee ‘In Bloom’ , Beyoncé’s Coffee Table Book, and a Comic’s GOT Coffee Cup. August 21, 2017

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Beyoncé, Lemonade, BoxSet

Behind the scenes, on the scene, after the scene, if its a scene, people want to see. Just as summer peaks bright with a solar eclipse, entertainer and singer Beyoncé releases a coffee table book, Collectors Edition, How To Make Lemonade Box Set. This set is about her life in the scene and out on her Lemonade (2016)  journey,  including private family moments, outtakes from the artist at work and documentary style reveals through lines penned from her own hand and via lyrics.

The 600 page book -includes a foreword by author and Dr. Michael Eric Dyson and poetic lines by British author, activist and poet Warsan Shire. The book retails for $299.99. Depending on how much you spend on coffee a week, say $5 a day, six days a week, that means ten weeks or approximately a summer of coffees equates to adding this to your coffee table.

This doesn’t mean the culture is trading Lemonade for coffee, but it does mean it might accompany it.

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Bloom fragrance, shot by Glen Luchfold

Today marks one month and one day until summer officially ends and fall marks its return. To say summer is in full bloom is a statement full of sunshine, florals, wild grass, ready-to-drink beverages and all the fragrance that comes with these tentacles of the years hottest season. To compliment it, fashion brand Gucci and its campaign film ‘Gucci Bloom’ visually show how beautiful pantones of spicy mustard, potters clay, aurora red and dusty cedar in a floral garden express themselves amidst a summer ‘scape.

Because coffee is a flower and tea is a leaf, it is this cultures escape to see it physically among perfume blooms in Gucci Bloom. In coffee, bloom happens when hot water meets ground coffee and carbon dioxide bubbles up as the roasted coffee is brewed.  

Not to worry, Gucci isn’t selling you coffee but it is selling creative director Alessandro Michele’s first fragrance for Bloom.  Take a whiff of the flowers that create it’s story profile:

“notes of natural tuberose and jasmine leave an unexpectedly rich white floral scent on the skin. Rangoon creeper, a plant that changes color when it blooms, infuses a powdery, floral edge.”

Rangoon creeper? I need to experience this plant, it sounds wild, free and exotic. Coffee likes that, coffee culture welcomes that.

In the film, tea is poured alfresco curbside on a street, coffee with latte art appears on a coffee table in an interior room and tea is sipped by women:  model, actress Hari Nef, artist Petra Collens and actress Dakota Johnson – in a garden. Doesn’t the culture look beautiful? May it remain #inbloom.


Columbus Ohio | Game of Comics

Artist and illustrator Josh Hara has taken the classic form of a comic strip and its sequenced boxes and made a game out of sharing moments inspired by each episode of Game of Thrones season seven and its happenings.

While Hara creates cups three times a week covering pop culture topics and personalities, its a fresh take to see him take on the episodic drama that has viewers around the world tuned in, in real time for its airing.


Josh Hana via @yoyoha

Behold the 300,000 iced coffee order.


Josh Hana via @yoyoha

See a full spectrum of his work on sale here. Tune in to GOT, every Sunday, this season, here on HBO.