Culture Cooler.: Counting Cups, CoffeenTelevision, UnDrinkable Coffee | June 6

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GG stands for Gilmore Girls

Over the weekend, Refinery 29, storied on Snapchat, a story by blog, Forever Young Adults’. Curious about the tally of consumed coffee by two actresses on a once very famous television show,  Gilmore Girls. Counting how many cups of coffee Lorelai and Rory consumed throughout the run of the show found the tally to be 503 cups. That’s a lot of coffee for a series which ran from 2000-2007.

Pairing the inquisitiveness of the coffees presence within episodic T.V. with the cultural data is what this culture finds interesting. Think about your favorite shows of the past or of the now – how often does one of the worlds most consumed beverages appear in it?



Ben Wiseman, illustration for The New Yorker

The New Yorker released its annual fiction issue. Authors like Zadie Smith join the company of Ben Lerners’ The Polish Rider which features an artist, New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood and Uber.  All are characters informing a fictionalized story where “undrinkable coffee” makes a cameo.

Sergeant Kingdom (would I make that up?) was, to our surprise, sympathetic; we sat at his desk drinking the undrinkable coffee he offered us, trying to figure out if there was any way to compel Uber to help.

Its a great read and audio listen here, with drinkable coffee, of course.




The creatives behind Coffeentelevision – a curated event planning team in Bergamo Italy are currently up to their latest artistic endeavor, Factory Market.

The market, defined as a place for makes, designers and creative minds held space for just those types with  a weekend of printed fabrics hanging on racks, ware positioned on lined floors, a musician strumming a guitar on wood platforms and hands on workshop. This culture likes to think that its social media presence stands for it being ‘televised.‘ As for the coffee, the culture is watching to see how it pops up.