Culture Cooler:. Fest Fest Fest Fest Fest, London, New York + LA – April 11th.

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Up in the Uk

London, UK 

Coffee isn’t a culture without the personalities of its people to inhabit it. People came from all over for the annual London Coffee Fest where exhibitors got to show off everything from coffee, milk, chocolate and gadgets of every brew and tech persuasion. Then there were the competitors – Barista and Brewers Cup – vying for some craft glory as  UK Champ. Beyond those two stages there was also the Coffee Masters competition – a new and nuanced event across seven disciplines which crowned Ben Morrow the champ. The UK festivities continue with a full official week of coffee.


still, Perfect Straingers

still, Perfect Straingers

Trieste to Tribeca

New York, New York

Before the weekend began its official three day stint,  illy café announced that it will return to Tribeca Film Festival starting April 13th as the official coffee of the film festival.

Per cultural custom, illy caffé hosts a number of events inspiring the communal thread that the beverage incites. According to the brand, there will be Tribeca Talks; a coffee bar – espresso, mini lattes and illy bottled; an “illy cup clutch arcade experience to providing espresso for first attendees of short film series New York Then as well as the film, Perfect Strangers in the International Narrative Competition.  Whether attending Tribeca Film Festival for something short – film to espresso – or a fuller experience – narratives and art induced play: smell the coffee, find the films.


put your teeth into it

Los, Angeles, California 

Known as the largest literary and cultural festival in America, The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books convened near downtown Los Angeles, at the University of Southern California where more than 600 attendees loitered over tomes and talks from a broad range of disciplines in the Arts.  This year, writer, Valeria Luiselli’s “The Story of My Teeth”  translated by Christina MacSweeney and published by Coffee House Press won the award for fiction. According to the latter, “Teeth is written in collaboration with the workers at a Jumex juice factory, is an elegant, witty, exhilarating romp through the industrial suburbs of Mexico City and Luiselli’s own literary influences.”  Given a growing interest in Mexico City by American locals and established papers like The New York Times, which Luiselli also contributes to, this culture is ready for a cup of black and this book of print.