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espresso atop drift magazine, Hello, Kristoff, Lisbon, Portugal

Reading can be an incredibly fulfilling past time. we can sit cross legged on a couch and travel the world; as I do.


1.Slovakia, Standart Mag

Give and Get €40.00

As many strive to find ways to provide work for their businesses while supporting others, the specialty coffee industry is among them. Standartmag, a quarterly publication exploring coffee culture and its stories through industry leaders and voices from around the world. has launched a two-week campaign to increase its subscribers and support its team while also donating dollars to readers favorite coffee shops.

Readers can “buy a year subscription to Standart with a unique referral code indicating the shop you want to support.”  The subscription comes with four issues of the magazine, half of the subscription price going to said coffee shop and a bag of coffee beans with each magazine shipped.  Join its #giveandget initiative here.

2.Hamburg, Germany: Coffee Table Mags

Coffee Flight  €165.00

Germany based, Coffee Table Mags started as an Instagram account showing international independent magazines paired with daily coffee drinks. The account is an artistic journal of printed matter with collections featuring books on interior design, coffee culture, food and even travel guides.

Now, the account is branching out into a physical subscription aptly named Coffee Flight. Coffee flights in café’s usually include three drinks varying from rifs off one coffee prepared three different ways. Coffee Table Mags present three “essential coffee reading” magazines caffeeinemag, standartmag and driftmag as part of a one-year subscription, with shipping worldwide. Three for one year, sounds good to us.


3.United States, Barista Mag

Providing everyday coffee news for everyday people – coffee and beyond – Barista Magazine serves the barista community and by extension the people who benefit from the creative labor of baristas. Barista Mag celebrates its 15th anniversary issue with its April l+ May 2020 release. Its currently offering 50% off of its current six times a year print subscription price, previously $30 and now $15.