Culture Cooler, Moleskin Spills Coffee on Print, Waco gets a Coffee Shop, The Cartoon Network Spoofs on Coffee. August 15th, ’17

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ONE. Milan, Italy.


@moleskin, instagram

How do you promote a new summer coffee menu. If you’re paper brand like Moleskin world you create an impression like coffee is literally spilling out of your mugs, onto your journals as art. This is exactly what Moleskin has done with a triptych of images on its Instagram feed as of this writing. One image sports a man riding a wave surfing the menu; another depicts a woman diving head first into a sea of coffee aromas and the last is boat sailing on coffee waters. Imagination sure is real.

Moleskin Cafe

TWO. Waco Texas.


instagram, @pinewoodroasters

A city in central Texas, named Waco is grand opening a coffee shop, PineWood Roasters. This past weekend it through its opening party which included everything beyond coffee – crawfish, beer, music, tacos, a fire truck and ‘real friendship’ according to its Instagram post. And, yes, coffee too. There’s been pour overs – iced included – espresso and milk drinks, washed coffees, yellow bourbon coffee and the menu continues on. This culture is particularly excited for the town to have a seat at its expansive bar, listen to its vinyl collection behind the bar for the shop which host a vinyl collection, house syrups and an in-house roaster. After all the theatrics of the culture of coffee is still a sight.

2223 Austin Avenue


WORLD. The Cartoon Network