Culture Cooler: Three Things to Talk About From the Weekend [1.20]

via Virgin Hotels Chicago

via Virgin Hotels Chicago



Chicago | Richard Branson Wants you to Have a Cup at Tea, Even if its at 6:30 a.m.

This weekend, Richard Branson opened his first United States soil expression of a hotel. In a statement quoted herein for the New York Times, he talks about what’s going to make his hotels different. I love this, “I was at a hotel in New York and the TV didn’t work. I couldn’t get a cup of tea at 6:30 a.m. because breakfast was served from 7 a.m.”

In the coming months, more of Virgin Hotels Chicago will be rolled out as the hotel takes on a fuller expression, include Two Zero Three, the Coffee and Wine Bar where one can “share pastries, toasts and philosophy in our fast-paced “see and be seen” newsstand inspired coffee bar. At night, the bar transitions into a wine social serving a light menu of cheeses and charcuterie.” Well this dual function sounds a lot like what a few specialty coffee shops are lovingly doing now – alternative cultural models to the space that once just held coffee.  Opening February 2015.


@tamumcpherson, atpb instagram

@tamumcpherson, atpb instagram


Currently abroad, it’s the season for Mens’ Fashion shows. While the sartorial unites in seeing and photographing the style of the street and the collected runways, many will take respite with a coffee and some other, morning-afternoon-evening delight. A look at Tamu McPherson’s ‘Café’ shows just that.


Over the last week, including the weekend she’s shared her mornings with coffee, and what lovely ones they’ve been.



1. Joe Shere, Sophia Loren, Jayne Mansfield

1. Joe Shere, Sophia Loren, Jayne Mansfield

Los Angeles

The beauty of photography, is in the capturing of a moment, the documentation of life that is happening. And, once happened, its history.  Photo LA staged a wonderful 24th event with photographs from around the world and throughout many intersections of life. And, while those photos displayed life it was wonderful to see how coffee was right amongst it. If you missed it, not-a-worry, see the coffee and history here.

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