Culture Cooler.: Its Showtime from Venice, CA to Cannes France. May 24,2017.

and, action!


Twin Peaks returned on cable network Showtime and so did FBI Agent Dale Cooper and ritual coffee, “black as moonlight on a moonless night.” Maybe there’ll be more Georgia and pie post Season Three.




Creative -fashion blogger and photographer- Roderick Hunt discusses current style to the backdrop of Venice, California and it includes cameos of local and their choices on everything from beards to a  coffee stop. A shout to the lifestyle and intersection of both.


The international Festival de Cannes is in full swing. Coffee is fueling, and maybe even helping to bankroll a slate of films this year. Here’s a look at what the culture has its eyes on so far.

  1. Netflix’s The Meyerowitz Stories 
  2. A debut film – La defensa del dragón, The Dragons Defense – by Colombian director Natalia Santa set in Bogota, is about three friends who frequent a few of the capitals’ establishments including a traditional coffee shop called La Normanda.
  3. The short film, Just Another Accent is based upon looking at a group of people who contend with stuttering, or stammering as its also called are subjects of an Emirati film funded independently by the director. This here is interesting, “One of our subjects, Beshara Al Amiri, tells us how she loves coffee but would never order it because she would have trouble saying it,” says co-director Samira Ali.
  4. Claire’s Camera, the film, is about a woman named Claire and the camera she possesses.  However, a crucial moment in a cafe during the film sets Claire in the city of Cannes during the acclaimed film festival with encounters exploring filmmaking and Korean culture.