Culture Cooler.: SNL, Stumptown and and Sant Ambroeus in Paris. October 3, 2017

for the cool


The late night comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live S.N.L. returned to season 43 with Ryan Gosling as the celebrity guest actor and Jay Z as the musical guest.

Gosling hits a coffee cup with the front of a silver spoon as he talks about what haunts him : the use of the papyrus avatar by a filmmaker for a blockbuster film over a decade ago. He waxes poetically about its use in contemporary culture – film, posters apparel even taking a driven to the house of the user. It culminates in a crash in the rain and drawn curtains. Written by Julio Torres, who the culture hopes can finally get a cup of coffee down.

In a sketch about aliens, an encounter and an abduction, actress Kate McKinnon plays the abductee telling her story to a cigarette in one hand and a white coffee cup in another. While the audience never sees her drink from the cup, it does become a prop and an aid in a sequence of hilarious gestures. For viewers at home, if your cup is empty, try this at home.


Stumptown Bags

The Portland based roaster, Stumptown, has a new identity and it’s in it bags. It’s been two years since Duane Sorensen sold it to Peets after it had already had investment by an equity firm.  and just as much time to leave behind its founding visual legacy of brown craft bag and note cards to take on a new logo, with more color and it hopes ‘good luck.’

The bags bleed full color all around and have a secondary color imposed on their lower front, detailing the coffee and it’s origin. They feel like Portland in the fall: warm with bright touches of gold, like how leaves begin to change come September and October in regions where nature isn’t evergreen.  These bags  look like they’re ready to crush it.



All the pretty saints. Or, Sant, comes to Paris as Sant Ambroeus pops up in the city of lights with a three week lease at the underground Colette store before it closes its doors at the end of the year.   One can expect  their trademark hues of persimmon, flushed pink and electric blue on cartoon prints providing a piece of New York right during the end of the SS fashion season.

According to Vogue, “creative director Alireza Niroomand, who will play the part of maître d’ at the Paris pop-up just as he often does in New York.”

Looks like Paris has a little more cafè chic.