Culture Cooler.: Specialty is Historic, China’s Peak, Bikes and Coffee in Wisconsin, Dec.12.

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La La Land

NATIONAL | the special

The Hollywood film, La La Land about two artists trying to make it in Los Angeles – the city of stars – without sacrificing everything, including love made history over the weekend breaking records in its limited L.A. and N.Y. release for the second-best location average of all time for a specialty film. Hold the coffee! Specialty film?  That word specialty, sure is familiar to specialty coffee culture.

What exactly is a specialty film?  Its often attached to limited release pictures and specialty vieing houses “limited release is often used to gauge the appeal of specialty films, like documentaries, independent films and art films.” For La La Land it’s a live action musical  and its $855,000 put it in the best per theater average ever top slot. Yes it did. Given that this has kept an eye on this film here, and here. This culture is more than happy to dance to a little music in a café, even if that café is on a Hollywood lot, perhaps the best set-up of all given its Golden Globe Nominations this morning.



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GUANDONG | functional high

A cafe in China open for only two months, made some improvements since opening its doors. In the pursuit of excellence, its heartwarming to see the changes a cafe can make to make each experience the best. Switching in a DittingPeak for an optimal sweet espresso to match its dairy milk, the decision underscores the reality of a new coffee shop: the beginning and on-going tweaks to get the setup just right.

The clean setup and the willingness to depart with beloved tools for the sake of the espresso, the milk and thus the cultural experience has this culture saying all eyes on it.



Madison, Wisconsin | let’s ride

It’s a first cafe of the cycling kind in  Madison. Café Domestique opening over the weekend is a bike café for a city full of cyclists. With a tag ‘Drink Coffee, Ride Bikes’ its philosophy is a simple one for  a community that loves both can get behind, and this culture too.