Culture Cooler.: Sugar and Coffee, Wall to Wall and a Club’s Cool

it happened this weekend,

@sugarbombing, instagram

ONE: Photobombing Coffee

Discovered over the weekend, a snap of one coffee shop goer’s view from his window. It included a pink cardigan, a spiderman mask and sunnies atop a peace sign, black nail polish and one tight grip on a coffee cup. This culture knows not where this masked subject appeared besides the hashtag that alerts us, its in Miami, for Art Basel. This takes people watching to other levels.

Hugo McCloud x N'nmadi Contemporary, Art Basel

Hugo McCloud x N’namdi Contemporary, Art Basel

TWO: No Contempt

On a street in Bushwick where graffiti walls are like kissing cousins lives the design driven, people focused, food inclined, creative coffee shop – AP Cafe. It’s white walls, earth tone accents are an ideal setup to juxtapose the colors of the outside world beyond it. Hugo McCloud, one of the founding partners steps outside of the walls of AP Cafe again this year for a kindred show at N’Namdi Contemporary with clean white lines on the interior and a wonder filled color graffiti world beyond it..

@lacoffeeclub, instagram

@lacoffeeclub, instagram

THREE: Local is, local does

What’s LA coffee without local artists and local roasters coming together for a seasonal collaboration pooling the talents of its own city? The answer is with LA Coffee Club which has employed the art of design – Lost Boy illustrations – and roasting – James Klapp – packaged in a vibrant yellow to its subscribers.  What this culture finds remarkably cool, is the appropriate play on the season and the weather that behooves it. Named ‘Sweater Weather’ for the fall, into winter season, this roast is something to subscribe to.