Culture Cooler.: Pausing for Six Super Bowl Ads Featuring Coffee Culture.

paused and parked

Your attention for thirty seconds during what turned out to be a historic SuperBowl 51 was was worth five million dollars. Here’s what six brands did with it. If you look closely you’ll spot cameos from of coffee culture.

ONE. Dirt out. At Home.

A woman carries a paper cup while Terry Bradshaw, who has a BBQ stain on his white shirt while airing on Fox Sports network attempts to get it clean. He begins to trend on social media as he takes to a golf cart and the streets trying to replace his shirt. Looks like Tide would help, as everyone so politely tells him. And it does as he finds a washing machine at the home of Jeffrey Tambor.

TWO. Bold and Good. At Work.
Twenty five years later and Damm Good Coffee debuts along with of Twin Peaks spot featuring scenes of its protagonist, Kyle MacLachlan as FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper enjoying a fresh cup of coffee. While the series won’t return until late spring in May, there’s lots of reasons to remember why drinking the good stuff as MacLachlan attempted to uncover a crime was a cult phenomenonmore than two decades ago. Catch the direction of David Lynch for the new 18-hour event on May 21, 9 PM ET/P.Y

THREE | Because, its smart. In the Studio
Does ‘Genius’ run on caffeine? Perhaps. There’s an illusion that Einstein kept it fluming and close by. Director Ivan Zacharias said “Einstein frequently played violin as a brainstorming technique,” It is also well known that Einstein liked coffee even referring to himself in a letter to wife, Mileva Maric as a “coffee guzzler.” Perhaps, such knowledge of his affinity for the drink and the violin is why the direction of this ad allows #coffeeandmusic to appear together. This culture understands that! A forty six second commercial of him playing one of SuperBowl LI performer – Lady Gaga – songs’ Bad Romance occurs on a violin after seeing him through a mirror, then to a desk where papers and porcelain coffee ware sits.

FOUR | Rev your engines! For Your Lifestyle

There’s pizza, beer, race cars and coffee in the came of a black mug with bee yellow numbers – 22 – in the Daytona Day commercial featuring Danica Patrick, James Van Der Beek and Jeff Gordon. Doing activities like regular fans of a sports would – having a sports party, visiting a sports event, Nascar drivers fueling up…on coffee. Collectively the commercial leads to a faux movie scene advertising the 59th Daytona 500 event which occurs Feb 26th.

FIVE. Clean. In the Kitchen.

Let’s face it, cleaning is a chore. Some love it. Some think it a meditative practice. Others an imaginative one like Mr. Clean does in its ad where digitized Mr. Clean is envisioned by a wife who aims to clean her kitchen’s floors, stove and counters – cue the coffee pot and maker – with Mr. Clean. Not bad for his first time cameo, catch him, his clear blue eyes and white eyebrows dancing before he turns into Sarah’s far-from-anything-bod-like-mr-clean.


SIX. TurboTax | Spring returns. Tax season is right around the corner. But, more than likely your next beauty salon visit too. After all, spring is almost here. Take a look at these ladies in the ‘beauty’ shop having a spot of tea or coffee if you will. Maybe this is a clue that us ladies might be able to get what our male counterparts get to, barber shops with coffee outfitted within or nearby. How’s that for the ‘coffee and‘ trope. Now for a top down shot, the hues in this spot are everything.