Culture Cooler: Talking Ted, Brooklyn Authenticity and Less Milk, Feb 22, 2016

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Australia, by way of NEW YORK

Talk to the milk.

In the interest of coffee, milk and culture, Australian brand BlueStone Lane has laid to rest it’s 16oz drinks. “. This move is ” according to a blog post  by owner Nick Stone, also referenced in Eater. Herein, he speaks of the importance of milk ratio to espresso.  In the effort of the true Australian proportioned milk, the 16 ounce espresso based beverage is now discontinued. There will be 8 ounce and 12 ounce drinks to adhere to the brands traditional Australian coffee culture.  For those wanting more: double espresso within each ounce demarcation. Not proclaiming that their choice is better, the brand asks that you come, taste and see why. In a cultural era where baristas are expounding, in National coffee competitions on the need to return back to service without over education, it’s experience – personal and in real life experience that will determine the power of  this culture’s choices.



From a five kilo roaster to here.

Brooklyn. It’s a borough of churches and brands! Becoming a brand itself – especially in the last decade – Brooklyn is where D.I.Y, food start-ups, urban cultural expression as a trend, and being from and living in in the borough is like a registered trademark. Filmmaker Spike Lee’s agency Spike DDB, created a short film on Brooklyn and is current state of as par tof what Lee calls “global gentrification.” Within the first minute of being welcomed to Brooklyn, the first voice the viewer hears  is that of owners Brewklyn Grind Coffee Roasters’ owners, “Brooklyn defines who we are, as soon as I open my mouth anywhere in the world. .Given the globalization of coffee as a consumer product, is it any wonder that the cherry seed itself is a main player in this film and the virtual cinematics unfolding before Brooklynites. See the film below.



TED Talks


via World Coffee Events




The platform for spreading ideas, TED, held its first and sold out week-long conference of the 2016 calendar year  in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada. More than 70 speakers and hundreds of attendees came for the ideas that were to spread on this years theme ‘Dream’ and the call to action “make no small plans.” During the four day event, coffee was far from a small idea. After putting out an early December call for baristas to serve at TED2016, World Coffee Events in association with the Barista Guild of America and Europe aided with coffee at six ppo-up coffees by the likes of brands like, BarNineLa, Intelligentsia, MatchstickYVR, Sightglass, Veneziano and more. Here’s a profile on the baristas who served those spreading ideas.