Culture Cooler:. Three Things to Talk About From the Weekend | 12.19



1. New South Wales | Coffee Paramount

Consider New South Wales officially teased.  World Aeropress Championships is a cousin to the World Barista championships – known to man and woman for crowning baristas with a coveted title of best in the world. With more than sixty cities competing in the 2015 WAC circuit, which will bring competitors to join the Specialty Coffee Association of America and The World Barista Championship event in Seattle, the its a competition worth its pressure.  This weekend, New South Wales’ Aeropress Championship released its teaser poster and its washed out hues are a beauty and so is winning the honors. In the tone of the sitcom character Martin Payne, played by Martin, Lawrence, competitors get ta pressin!



2. World | Coffee EP

Singer Miguel warned us when he posted a snippet of himself on Instagram, living the futures lyrics to his forthcoming ‘Coffee’ on the three-song EP he released over the weekend. Its melodic, its true and my goodness, makes me want not just in the morning but all the time. Thankfully, this song can fill those shoes even when the coffee has run out. But, may that never happen. Sing on!

via Good, image by John Holcroft

via Good, image by John Holcroft


Good | World

In Good a magazine published for “the global citizen”, a collection of images by the British illustrator John Holcroft appeared on its site – its favorites.  In his efforts and the sites, these images are satire, looking at modern influencers on today’s culture. The image of above comments on obesity. I particular like how its subcommentary includes coffee. There’s much to say in media and in studies at large about the role of coffee to one’s health. And, with this image, might I say Mr. Holcroft has at least given us another image to pondering the on-going subject.

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