Culture Cooler.: A Real Coffee Friend, India on a Coffee Table, Grip From Above. August 22.

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United Kingdom

You’ve got a cup in me.

The environment has a new friend in the real ‘coffee world.” A cup made from recycled paper board is entering the coffee cup market. An entrepreneur – Martin Myerscough of UK’s Frugalpac – has aligned with Intertek, a U.K. Quality assurance provider to test the cup and it’s feasibility in the market. It can be recycled in regular recycling mills with a minimal carbon footprint.
Note: There’s an estimated 2.5 billion paper coffee cups used and disposed of by British businesses each year. Given this, this culture is looking at you U.K.

Karnataka, India


Summer lives.  For the parts of the world where this season is still in the pursuit of its finishing days, citizens will soon look to the fall when shorter hours beckon the day and coffee tables become filled with tomes to linger into the evening. On August 17, a coffee table book giving visual voice to Hampi, Pattadakal and Western Ghats – UNESCO heritage sites.
Captured by an amateur photographer named Shivashankar Banagar and announced on World Photography day, Banagar said, ‘ half of the photos in the book are of Hampi clicked by him. Pattadakal photographs are by Banagar and Anand Kumar. Banagar said the collection has come out as a result of his hard work for over eight years. He said he spent 2-3 hours a day clicking 200-300 photos at Hampi.’ Times of India.

Krimorsky Krai, Russia

Hold me.

Hold me, with two hands.  Jiwon Han, a physicist who didn’t leave the option of holding his coffee to pre-existing designs, took on the task of improving the  method of drinking ones daily coffee. He’s published the results in an open access journal Achievements in the Life Sciences    Aiming to keep spillage minimal the grasp to coffee cup demonstrates a top line grasp. How consumers will take on this new approach is yet to be seen and held. Meanwhile, everyone is talking or writing about these new hands. Smithsonian, Munchies. The Week. All fingers and thumbs on deck.