Culture Cooler.: Why Your Next Summer Buy Might Be From One of These Cool Coffee Brands.


1. Oozing California cool, Canyon Coffee, a brand that is popping up in cafes from Los Angeles to Paris stocks a white  Limited Edition tee designed by artist John Zabawa. The line art is indicative of the minimalist setups often shared on their Instagram feed and shares a morning breakfast scene according to the brand. In the upper right of the tee’s scene is a canyon, a sun and accompanied by all the things below that happen when one enjoys their morning ritual. $45, Los Angeles, CA

2.  From San Francisco, roasting company, Flashlight Coffee gives you doses of coffee and fashion with its ongoing merch store where sweatshirts and tees find a home. It’s latest collaboration with Twyla Skeggs– also the artist behind the slim fit Next Level tee – features one of the most successful television comedies, ever, Seinfeld, featuring the beloved character, George Constanza. Taken “from a scene in ‘The Phone Message’ George is letting everyone know that coffee isn’t coffee,” grams the brand about the tee.  The culture agrees: coffee is life. $25, San Francisco, CA.

3. Every cultured shoulder needs a tote bag with straps enough to sustain the weight of a lifestyle filled carry-able takeaways. For long music festival weekends, dayworkers lugging a virtual office to a coffee shop or for day long hangs like ones inspired by summer Fridays and midweek hooky days, this navy Champion Coffee tote is for the winner in you. $20, New York, NY.

4. They’ve got royalty in its coffee blood. Black Excellence is in the coffee building. Founded by the colorful expressionist Maurice Harris of Blume and Plume and Blume and Plume Coffee, the royal purple tee, is as much a piece providing education on the coffee shops founding as well as visual GPS marker advertising its physical location which welcomes all visitors. Limited supply, on location. Historic Filipino Town, Los Angeles, CA.

5. Cereal and Such. It is breakfast cereal, coffee and a platform founded by Theo Martins. Technically, this cereal bar that pairs breakfast cereal with coffee is as much concept as real life, pairing itself with a multitude of interests paired with products like coffee, films, playlists and limited-edition tees. Over the July 4th holiday, tees with the Cereal logo and a red or blue heart were available for one week only. While that week is over the offering of the tees remain at Good Posture along with other such goods.  $34, Los Angeles, CA.

6. Why aren’t there more copper caps that look this good. Better yet, why aren’t there more copper caps period? The Long Beach coffee company Kuarto releases a cap the culture is going to want to sip in for a while. Appearing in two colors: copper and hunter, the hat and its thin spaced lines and cursive script are eye catchers to say the least. This is definitely an object for life. $34, Long Beach, CA.

7. Two words. All Day. The message which is also the name of the Miami based café, All Day Mia which is a staple to lovers of fashion, art and coffee has a tee that’s as “super soft” as its design aesthetic and fit for everyday use according to the tee’s description. The culture will have one of these any day. $25, Miami, Florida.

8. Calling its ‘new new’ merch a caffeine high, Highland Park’s Collage Coffee’s goods are ready to slow you down and put you on island time. There are tie dye tees made in L.A. and totes for you to bring everything you need for an island, errr beach day. Peace, love and modern hippy tie-die style, coffee lovers. Highland Park, CA.

9. A bag has sunshine eyes for you. This eco bag tote is hand silk screened and available in two colors black and soft pink. Sporting the coffee brand’s name Kin Kin you can carry it in support of a coffee you love and/or an idea to love, like the fact that we’re all kin – at least coffee can make us feel so. $15, Madison, WI.