Culture N.E.W.S. Jan 24 +25 ’15


a curated round up of weekend coffee culture from the north, east, west, and south. have fun!


SEVEN | Washington School House Hotel

Thurs – Feb 1 | Park City, Utah: Coffee dances. And, very well while at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. Every kind of artistic expression that one could imagine from coffee as a pop-up, coffee as a character in film, live musical performances at a local coffee shop, coffee taking residence in a turn of the century hotel to a modern ‘Haus’ its all here in: Parks and Coffee.


SAT + Sun | San Antonio, Texas:  Put yo’ prints up! After hosting an opening for letterpress screenprints complete with DJ Steven Lee turning sounds on the turntables you can visit Rosella Coffee for clothes pin and these prints, con junto. And, coffee of course. Look, baby look.


SAT | Crown Heights, Brooklyn : Put a doughnut with it. Starting today Crosby Coffee has expanded a few corners away with a full men of Italian inspired doughnuts. Carrying the namesake of its owner Jeremy’s grandmother, Elsie’s Doughnuts features include “ Fichi di Confettura, mascarphone honey and toasted almonds stuffed with fig jam.

IMG_6218 Pair any of ‘Elsie’ goodie with Plowshares Coffee.

SAT + BEYOND | West Hollywood, CA: Sure shot. With an official space of its own now, visit LongShot Coffee for traditional Australian drinks while welcoming the once mobile only coffee brand to its brick and mortar.  HINT: Order a flat white.

IMG_6222 (1)

SAT | San Francisco: Elvis Monkey Pie. Let’s start there. Occurring at Four Barrel Coffee, is the Press 12 Pop-Up, a party menu of flavors, flavors and flavors. Let these words linger; duck fat, pumpkin teacake, ruffles potato chips and then wander how purveyors Humphry  Slocombe & Cocoa will press them together. The end.  TIME: 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. PST

IMG_6226SAT | New York, NY: Line ‘em up. That Denmark coffee taste flies into Box Kite Coffee as they host a free public cupping of a Coffee Collectif Lineup. Lunch time, stat. TIME: 1 p.m. EST

SUN | Münzstraße, Berlin: Its Sunday and you’re looking for something new, a new coffee spot exploring well, coffee. Father Carpenter Coffee has just opened and what better way than to leisure your Sunday than familiarizing yourself with its expression serving “ serving our Nova Canaã Obata from João Hamilton, Ivan Dos Santos and @felipecroce on the batch brew and Five Elephant Espresso on the Synesso,” according to Five Elephant Coffee. TIME: Open now into the Beyond

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