culture n.e.w.s. JUNE 28-30


11smdlrlogohousestamp13-150x150-11a curated round up of weekend coffee culture from the north, east, west, and south. have fun!

FRI | Portland, Oregon: Walk the brew line. Marty Lopes of Roseline Coffee offers three a variety coffee sampler and a morning pastry alongside Eater’s Young Guns Class of 2013 Pastry Chef, Alissa Rozos of St Jack. TIME: 11 a.m. PDT

FRI | Atlanta, Georgia: Friday night is for spinning vinyl. Join Octane on the Westside for a no cover dj set. Cue the funk, soul and disco –  Boogie Nights! TIME: 8 P.M. – Close EDT

FRI | Los Angeles, CA: Someone has a little sister, and her name is Go Get Em Tiger. Her big brothers, Kyle Glanville and Charles Babinski, debut her today. Larchmont is on the map!

FRI | Peoria, Illinois: Beer + Brew. A new release of two beers brewed with Thirty Thirty Coffee’s Kenya Kichwa Tembo and Momma Bear Espresso debuts tonight at Rhodell Brewery.  Go get taken care of! TIME: TONIGHT

FRI |  Miami, Florida:  Happy Triday! Yes, Triday.  Its three coffees to taste, on a Friday, in a monthly tasting competition. Brought to you by Panther Coffee (Wynwood), the pay in is worth all the community and coffee you’ll experience. TIME: Signup 7 p.m. Slurp: 8 p.m.  EST Cost: $5

SAT | Atlanta. Georgia:  Fancy Peaches? Great! Peachapalooza brings it peach focus – cobbler to coffee – to downtown Georgia’s East Lake Farmers Market. Stop in and say Hi to Julia of Octane Grant Park, she’ll have your coffee. TIME: 10 a.m. EST

SUN | Manhattan, NY: Music just got another space to be live in the East Village.  ‘Live at Shervin’s Café’ hosts music by Kayla Grainger. Head out and grab a seat on the couch, they’re comfy.  TIME: 7p.m. EST