Culture N.E.W.S. Oct. 17+18

Enjoy the culture.

imageSAT | San Diego: Long a member of the LA coffee community from TNT hosts, downtown pop-ups, barista competitions to bringing tea only to the Steampunk in their Pasadena space, Copa Vida opens in San Diego. Surely they’ll deliver as they always have. But this culture says make a trip along the coast to see for yourself.

SAT | Glasgow, UK: Coffee festivals can be fun. They bring together what could seem like a disparate coffee community into one place. Enter the Glasgow Coffee Festival eaturing baristas, beans, bars, brews art, film and of course more.” Also, current coffee story partner Coffeehopper is there and possible with some gems from Araku.

SAT + SUN | Los Angeles, CA: This is the first official weekend for Cafe Demitasse. Now spanning from the east in Little Tokyo/Downtown LA to the west in Santa Monica, it’s now planted a location in th heart of the city we on Wilshire Blvd. near some of the city’s beloved cultural attractions. Stop in, longer and order something a little different than your average, they’re really good at it.

Through October 29th. | Chicago, Illinois: The Chicago Film Festival kicks off its first full weekend in the city of wind, architecture and film. There are dozens upon dozens of films too see, so this culture recommends that you peruse the list here and the visit a location where Passion House Coffee Roasters is sold, a story partner in the current issue of the Coffee Story Ads.

Through SUNDAY | New York : That seemingly and truly big college music festival  CMJ descends upon New York again playing venues from the LES to Soho to Williamsburg. There’s so much to see that you can’t see it all. And, that’s kind of the point, making a schedule that makes you feel you’ve somehow seen the best of the best, among the best.