CULTURE N.E.W.S. October 9 – 11, ’15

you’ve asked for it, the weekend,

Strange Matter Co, instagram

Strange Matter Co, instagram

FRI | East Lansing, Michigan: Coffee-work Strange.  Let’s call the list, free samples, pour-overs, merch, coffee all in one four-hour block at Urban Outfitters with Strange Matter Coffee We like strange.

SAT: Hazeldean, Pretoria: Things are a moo-ing. The opening of Cowhouse Market – a place for the life of gourmet food and beverages happens officially today. Hosting coffee roasters including Academy Coffee and Bean There Coffee, this is an opportunity to taste the world. Word is, coffee’s from Kenya are coming.

SAT | Wicker Park, Chicago: BYOB is one way to spend a Saturday night with pizza, coffee and sweets at Sweet Cakes Bakery. The build your own component has this culture hooked, hands-on fun is our kind of Saturday night. TIME: 5:30-10 p.m.

SAT |Beaverton, OR :  Ready to pour into the weekend like a lion? Or, a lioness? Join multi-roaster Lionheart Coffee and Intent Coffee Roasting for a public cupping. Yes this means, sipping, slurping, spitting coffee – and that’s the fun of it all.  TIME: 10:30 a.m.

FRI-SUN | WORLD You’ve walked in and seen walls of art in a coffee shop. Perhaps leaning in to see the details, check the artist. This month, from Winnipeg to Atlanta to Santa Barbara there are three shows this culture thinks you should check out.


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