CULTURE N.E.W.S. September 25 – 27, ’15

its the weekend, smell the coffee and the flowers

Getty Garden

Getty Garden

a curated round up of weekend coffee culture from the north, east, west, and south. have fun!

FRI | The 53rd New York Film Festival is now open. Free screenings of restored classics – Fosse, Ford, Stahl – are happening today. As the festival continues with a stellar lineup of features; like  Miles Ahead with  Don Cheadle, Brooklyn with John Crowley to shorts and documentaries, choose wisely for among your choices, surely the scenes this culture share’s we’ll find its presence there too.

Now | Dallas, Texas: Don’t call it a soft opening. Now open for “preview” Magnolia Coffee  extends the invitation to all come and try its coffee and to-go menu. From the looks of its beautiful website an Instagram feed,  trying doesn’t seem like it will be a problem at all.

FRI-SUN | National: As you make your way into the television premiers of Fall from this read from Refinery 29 on coffee, coffee tables, cell phones, technology and  the mind space of the millennial is a good one, “It took a little suspension of disbelief to think that six ostensibly employed young adults could constantly make time to chill in a coffee shop.” Given the lifestyle that coffee is and increasingly becomes, seeing its place in shows already aired this week –  Blackish, Scandal and Survivor – leaves the culture anticipating more of it to come as more shows roll out this weekend and through the fall.

FRI – SUN | Greenpoint, Brooklyn:  Nordic inclined Budin  and  style purveyors Awoke Vintage and Walk the West are on a come up. Together, in an experience that will include coffee, clothing and music, the collaboration begins to tonight  with a live DJ Dead Beat Dad including $6 wine and $2 bucks off beer. So, in essence, a happy happy coffee hour. collaboration, focused on style in the heart of Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

SAT | Queens, NY:  Its Saturday, and its nice out, even beautiful. You head to Socrates Park and realize that with your views and thoughts of the great philosopher that you’d like coffee and something to go with it. Look for roaster XXX’s as they’ll be serving coffee and doughnuts – Doughnut Plant – out of doors and on the still lovely fall green.

SAT+ SUN | Marfa, TX: Pop ups are close friends to the coffee shop. Do Your Thing Coffee is holding one of its own, curated by Shelter Social Club, inside its space catching this cultures attention with Aura photography  and goods from Individual Medley, the Atwater Village shop with a little bit of everything for everyone.

SAT + SUN | Bethlehem, PA: Summer maybe officially over, but for most it still feels like it the season out of doors. Monocacy Coffee Co.  is hosting a weekend Flea of vintage, handmade goods and art all while providing $2 cup “coffee extractions.”

Los Angeles, CA: A shipping container in the Arts District seems about right for the creative enclave known for new and experimental startups. Now that Shreebs Coffee, is popping up in a container Downtown, stop in for a little cooling, hint: The Horchata Cold Brew we hear is the thing.   Fri: 7a.m.- 5 p..m. Weekend – 9a.m. – 5 p.m.  527 Colyton Street.

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