Culture News.: November 6-8


a palm at Sheraton Kona, Hawai'i

a palm at Sheraton Kona, Hawai’i

Kona, Hawai’i | Nov 6-15 : The Big Island of Hawai’i celebrates coffee and culture for the 45th year in a row with its annual Kona Coffee Culture Festival celebrating the “culture behind the cup.” To do so, there’s a multitudinous schedule of events from art strolls, pageants, historical tours, cupping’s and tastings to satisfy the appetite of connoisseurs inspired by one of the worlds most coveted beans from the land of palm tree filled, Aloha.  Get happily lost in all the events here, this culture has.

Kansas City, Kansas |  Nov 6-14 : Coffee crawlers unite. The city where famously clicking heels to return to it  will find many hitting its pavement for the annual Kansas City Coffee and Tea Week with coffee concoctions befitting a week of activity where the caffeinated will crawl for all intents and coffee purposes. Specialty coffee shops like Parisi are on the crawl. And, if you got a Toto, take him along for the walk.

Austin, Texas | Nov. 6-8 : Fun, Fun, Coffee. For a weekend of you guessed it – fun – there’s Brew and Brew to bring you coffee from – Portland’s Heat Coffee and drip and toddy offerings from Austin’s Flat Track.  Bob your head, shake your tosh, and bounce those shoulder  to tunes you know and those you don’t, because who cares right,   as long as you’re having a good brew time. Have a cold one for us.

New York, NY: – Nov 8 : Death before decaf? Or,, just death before, water. Swiss Water Decaf’s ‘The Art of Coffee Without Caffeine’  pop-up continues through the weekend with manually brewed coffee and cold brew demos while demonstrating its 100% chemical free process.

San Diego, CA | SAT :  Imagine we’re holding a virtual hand before you. How many handmade crafts do you see? As tea, coffee and beer can come from all the same process – the handmade –  The Coffee and Tea Collective’s is part of the hosted return of #BeerFillings, a collection of drawings by self-proclaimed “fine artist, okay writer,” Alexander Barrett where the emotions  of time, place and a drinkers passion are reflected in 48 different designs. Go down and be crafty.