Culture Cooler: Americas Worth, Indonesia’s Win, Sydney’s Workshop, June 20

worth it

worth it


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boulevard dreams

Win a coffee championship, open a coffee shop. The projection seems more common for some these days, the some that hold a specialty coffee title in their land, like John Roadrunner, who has competed the last three years in Indonesian Latte Art Championship – placing third in 2016, and winning in 2015, and 2014. Over the weekend he soft opened a place of his own on Jln. Boulevard Raya, Kelapa Gading, not too far from Jakarta.  A wide angle view shows a counter filled with accoutrements, an expansive room with minimal tile to mark its beautiful floors.


in good company

On June 19, 2016, The Cleveland Cavaliers clutched a historic won, for its city, ending a 52-year ringless streak, scoring a triple double – the third only to do so in the finals – and doing what no basketball franchise has done before, winning from a 3-1 deficit in the finals. Worth the wait? With details like this, made for stories written in history books, it sure was. Nike, upon the hopes that the Cleveland Cavaliers might win had agency Widen and Kennedy create a a spot in honor of a future win.

The one minute video short shows fans of the game – kids, policeman on duties, fathers, mechanics, bus commuters – watching and waiting as they see the Cavaliers win. As they watch, together, alone, on a phone, with food, coffee, in a simple white cup, is their to watch with them. Everything good, even coffee – is worth the wait.   See the full spot below.


where art thou, sun?



The sun rises in the east and sets at a workshop. Sydney’s ‘The Rising Sun Workshop’ is a like a three-in-one concept. Ramen bar meets café says hello to motorbike workshop – and its communal. The idea is to use ramen as a gateway into Asian breakfast cuisine where single origin coffee is brewed alongside it while focusing on, providing a space for motorcyclists.

The concept is a social enterprise built for the community and fueled by patrons support, “every coffee drunk, cookie dunked & noodle slurped, helps towards keeping the workshop activity high & rates to members low.”