a click started it all…Guest Speaking at Culture Social with Porter Contemporary

victoria clark

victoria clark

Do what you love, and you won’t have to do anything else.

This is one of a few personal quotes I now live by.  Doing what you love doesn’t mean that there will be a throng of people around you cheering you on, or even dozens of people praising you for your ‘work’. Doing what you love means that first, and always, you yourself have to be that throng and those dozens until a cultural mass acknowledges you and thereby enables you to have a greater platform.

As a culture curator on smdlr, I knew that I wanted to take coffee culture more social by going to other places where coffee was part of the conversation. It was a risk, and one that kept calling me. So, when I finally made the commitment to attend a Creative Morning – a monthly breakfast lecture series- it happened that Seth Godin was the next speaker.  One thing that he said among many things resonated with me that morning, “Do it on purpose.” Of course, I substituted “coffee culture” as my it which led me to making another commitment.  I took a leap; I went where coffee and culture also was – Creative Mornings itself.

It was at the July ‘Morning’ that I saw, photographed and later met Victoria Clark, who I later learned is a social media and event consultant. I must say our connection was as instant as the click of my camera, when it saw her.  But, our connection lasted beyond where coffee, croissants and creativity socialized together. It extended to an exchange of emails, then a coffee date, then an exchange of ideas and inspiration, then more emails, then sharing tweets, link, and THEN, an invitation to be a guest speaker in kicking off their the fall season of Culture Social. #likewhoa

Culture Social, conceived by Jessica L. Porter, owner of Porter/Contemporary gallery, a salon series where culture, art and business professionals connect casually for collaboration and opportunities – sounds like my kind of space. And, if it’s your kind of space too, and you are in New York, join us all tomorrow night. I’d love to see you, meet you and enjoy what coffee, culture and community incites one to be – social.  cde