on coffee.: Decaf Just as Good as Caffeine, Black Coffee’s Music is Key, Kaffa or Jimma, Coffee Born in Ethiopia. Nov.28,’18

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  1. But a new lab study suggests that when it comes to brain health, coffee offers more than the stimulating effects of our favorite legal drug–in fact, decaf could be just as effective.
  2. This Coffee Is Nice But It Needs More Butter
  3. The pilot project was a way to “demonstrate that a coffee cup can be turned back into a coffee cup,” says Jay Hunsberger, VP of sales for North America from Sustana, the mill that recycled the old cups.
  4. The plan for a 12-month trial of high‐tech robotic espresso machines was proposed in a SFO Airport Commission meeting on Nov. 6 involving the “Coffee Haus” automated coffee machine made by Texas-based Briggo, Inc. The coffee-making robots, used via an app, are already installed in Austin’s airport, as well as the Austin and Houston convention centers. San Francisco
  5. Still, whether the exact site is Kaffa or Jimma, Ethiopia will remain the mystic motherland for coffee, wreathed in mists of frankincense and rich like a sini cup full of traditional buna. Ethiopia
  6. Lee said students should spend about 40 seconds from the time they approach the bike to the time they get coffee. Utah
  7. The Best Coffee Beans, According to Writers and Novelists (Who Drink a Lot of Coffee)
  8. The best music of the week featuring Black Coffee ‘Music is King’ EP
  9. There’s hardly a corner in town without at least one coffeehouse, if not a roasting company, collectively running the gamut from homey to hardcore.
  10. Mac Miller liked Colombian Roast coffee, as discovered in his secret Instagram account, Cloudy With a Chance of Sunshine 69.