CoffeeChella: Do LaB’s Musical Oasis


DoLaB Coachella 2014 by Daniel Zetterstrom 14

DoLaB Coachella 2014 by Daniel Zetterstrom 14

Coachella is coming

With it, is CoffeeChella – all the music and coffee one – you, I and everyone we know- can get into over a three day weekend/

The Do LaB organizers veer left this year brining an enhanced interactive experience. You’ll find them within the Terrace across from Sahara tent going all out with a lineup exclusive to each weekend.

I really dig this, “this year is a mix of artists you may know and those you need to know. ” Because isn’t that what a great music festival is, a discovery of new and unknown music – I think so.

Have a look at this 2014 GoProChella The Do LaB created for a sense of what the 2015 installation will be like.  Like…major!