‘spring from the future’. style:. dolores haze > spring/summer 2014

Breathing on pause, darling on go.

It was like spring sent an invitation in the mail and asked that you toss some pretty mentionables in a throwback sixties suitcase, then hop on a plane where wooden benches, wild grass, and blooming flowers are looks of the day.

The feeling of such a destination occurred at Ludlow Studios on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and in coffee shot of Cafe Grumpy.  As attendees came, clad in their ending-of-summer style, Dolores Haze allowed them to fixate their eyes on women wearing Miu Miu eyewear and Topshop footwear whose becoming stoic faces, spoke as if they were from the future, having survived our upcoming winter and now in the delight of our future spring.

From tulip shorts cut to just the right high, to tanks giving the ‘sexy back’ a place to play, and piping eyelet socks getting low,  Dolores Haze’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection foments the origin of renewal after winter. And, righteously so, because, after all that is spring.

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