music:. Durham and Coffee, A Popular Pair

image via Salt Roads

image via Salt Roads

“blazing summer
cold coffee
baby’s gone
do you love me.”


Durham, North Carolina is home to many, many good [coffee] things, Counter Culture Coffee, Scratch Bakery which pairs its famous handcrafted food with Intelligentsia Coffee, and now it includes the singers who created the lyrics above, Sylvan Esso and their debut album in a room in the town.

The duo Amelia Meath and Nick Sanborn know a thing or two about summer and winter, the polarity of the two seasons musically evoked in their song ‘Coffee.’

‘Coffee’ along with Meath and Sanborn made its late-night T.V. debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon with the acclaimed hip-hop/neo soul house band, The Roots, with Questlove on the drums.

Let it also be known that Counter Culture Coffee is a home-grown, coffee roasting, training company and an expanding bi-coastal brand that roasts coffee and facilitates the education of it.  When it comes to coffee culture, baristas were playing ‘Coffee’ in the spring of this year in the United States Barista CompetitionsNora Brady of BluePrint Coffee played it and Jonathan Bonchak as well during his US Brewers Cup Competition – as the song and group were gaining more steam.

How do I feel about this coffee culture given that I’m a big proponent of coffee and music? Its electro-pop-glorious!

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