Eater’s 38! And my FIVE.

coffee-38-2When asked to participate on Eater’s 38, the answer was a resounding yes because I got to be as free as I wanted to be with how I wanted to look at coffee spaces contributing and create coffee culture in the now.

A few of my lines are below but check out all the panelists including Erin Meister, Adam Goldberg, Oliver Strand, Liz Clayton, Hugh Acheson, Mike Thelin, Matt Buchanan, Michael Gillispie, Karen Kazmierczak and all of the staff’s editors and critics.

Blue Bottle: “There’s the feeling that you’ll always be filling in the blank of ‘Blue Bottle is … ‘ with a descriptor surpassing the current cultural zeitgeist,” says Chérmelle Edwards, self-proclaimed coffeetographer and documentarian.

Cog Coffee: The sleepy coffee hollow of Culver City is now awake,” says coffeetographer Chérmelle Edwards.

Four Barrel Coffee: “Connect the dots. They are all here.”

Heart: “Just as succinct, smdlr’s Chérmelle Edwards thinks the baristas pull “God shots” here.”

Ritual: “Ritual is to coffee as couplet to poetry,” says Chérmelle Edwards of smdlr.