Eight Things in Coffee and Culture To Do This July.

hi July.


espresso, The Hillary Hotel, Brooklyn, NY

1. Sports | Wimbledon – July 14th, London, UK

Love All.

The oldest tennis tournament in the world has returned. And with it so has the gllobal coffee company Lavazza as to this year’s Grand Slam tournament as the Official Coffee of the Wimbledon Championships .

If you find yourself in the stands, rooting for a favorite contending in singles, or doubles and. needing a little bit of a rush of a caffeine kind, it’s Lavazza. For the first week fans got to taste a new ready to drink creation with offered samples of the cold coffee drink before entering The Championships’ courts.

But what’s better than one new product by the global coffee company?  Two.

For those familiar with the brands capsules they’ll be pleased to know that 100% compostable capsules called Lavazza Eco Caps have had their debut at Wimbledon as well. According to a press release, they are “made with “aroma safe” technology, a self-protection technology that creates a barrier against oxygen to keep the coffee fresh and to preserve quality and taste. The new innovation sets the brand on a strategic path to replace its entire range of at home capsules by the end of the year, reinforcing its ongoing commitment to sustainable initiatives,” according to a press release.

Look for the Lavazza Air Stream at the Wimbledon Queue for samples with consumer purchase opportunities across the UK by November 2019.

2. Culture | July 4-7, Delaware, LA, Texas

Indie Times Three

What do you get when you add America’s ‘Independencce Day’ and a Stranger Things release? Independent coffee shops releasing stranger coffee things.

These three coffee companies have created themed Stranger Things menu items:
1. There is the upside down waffle in Flower Mound, Texas by Edison Coffee Co;


2. There is Demogordon, a “coffee telekinetic fireworks” of butter, brown sugar and fruit.


3. And finally, we discovered coffee to come in these paper cups touched by the demo ‘grind’ via Good People Coffee Co.  Featuring red print on white cups there’s America and Erica to figure out. No spoilers here.

3.  July 6 | Community, Little Tokyo, LA, 2 p.m.
Talk it Up

Local Los Angeles coffee buyer/roaster/shop owner Bobak Roshan of Cafè Demitasse hosts a special evening featuring a talk with Los Volcanoes Coffee, on the creation of sustainable supply chains featuring the origin country of Guatemala. Given the crisis of coffee’s C-Price an improved and better value chain sustaining the industry and culture of special coffee from the soil up is needed.

4. July 8 | Coffee, Red Hook, Brooklyn, 1 p.m.

Quality not quantity. The cup of excellence is a series of coffee competitions held in coffee producing countries to identify high quality coffees that are later sold by auction – to the highest bidder. Whereas Broadway has the Tonys, film has the Oscars, and journalism and the Arts has The Pulitzer Prizes coffee has premier coffee competition, Cup of Excellence.

A cupping comes to Brooklyn by way of Red Hook with La Marzocco st the Pulley collective. Here, some of the best coffee cupped in Honduras and Costa Rica -major figures- will be on the table for inquiring palates that want to taste.

5. Music |  July 11-14, Louisville, Kentucky


Billing itself as a festival of music, art and activism, Forecastle Fest features some of the best musicians in indie, hip-hop and country. In addition to experiences featuring yacht clubs, ferris wheel rides, vintage poster viewing and buying options it’s food features local specialty coffee roasters Sunergos. Founded in 2003, and opening its doors in 2004, Sunergos empowers Louisville and beyond with “the king of the breakfast table” and will do the same at this three day fest.

6. Industry | July 12, 13, Avance, Campinas, Brazil 

Avance the word, which is also the name of the SCA coffee event for producers in origin countries sounds close to advance. This is fitting since this two day sustainability conference launched last year is focused on conference focused on making coffee better.”

From the words on its website, which are well penned, “this event will gather sustainability leaders and advocates from across the coffee value chain in Campinas, Brazil, to identify roles and intervention points for specialty coffee stakeholders to respond to the sustainability challenges facing the sector, including most acutely the current price crisis.”

More than ever, the advancement of better value chains, for the sustainability of farmers and coffee is the forward move the industry needs to be laser focused on and this can push in this direction.

The conference gets producers in the room, topics to the tables with multiple languages in translation. Andale!

7. Film | July 19, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Netflix 


Who hasn’t been in a car for the sole purpose of a ride to get coffee? Of course there’s someone. For the season eleven lot of  multiple Emmy nominated Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee appearing in the Netflix original, including Eddie Murphy “Coming to America”, Seth Rogen “Long Shot” and  Melissa Villaseñor “SNL”, the answer is negative.

The funny and car driven comedy brings a fresh brew of episodic laughs and coffee shop cameos to the steaming platform. Perfect for summertime viewing, conversations on road-trips and an advertisement of some of the worlds best comedians to acquaint oneself with and to know know, grabbing coffee is about to go into overdrive.

8. Community | Portland, Oregon,  July 25-27

Its a tour.

Coffee People Zine, a zine about people and coffee is going on tour. For three days it will be an ambassador for community, creativity and coffee while holding space for interactive connection with its Portland Tour. Issue 06 will release on July 25th during. The self named variety tour includes a coffee crawl, a social club throwdown, and an ‘Ask Me About The Cost of Production’ art show.

Watch it’s Instagram for more updates closer to the event.


Notable Openings

California: GGET, The Row, DTLA
New York: East One Coffee Roasters, Manhattan
Berlin: The Barn Berlin July 4