excerpt:. Esther Quek, Instagram [PFW]

warming, between shows

warming, between Paris Fashion Week shows

Straight from the Instagram-way of Esther Quek, this is her taking a cafe break – be it coffee or tea its brewed – while in Paris during Fashion Week’s show. This is raw, refined and exquisite beauty. With so much to love; her vintage wool fedora, Ray-Ban sunglassses, APC Wool pullover and her Promod overcoat and her CorSineLabeDoli bowtie. #!

Lets just say, I’m in beyond-in-love with this all, including the fact that she names all these beautiful pieces of clothing by name.  This is the essence of why smdlr loves capturing the style of ‘the people’ around events like Fashion Week because they up in the most universal communal spaces of them all – the coffee shop.  Esther Quek to you I say, #cupUp.