It’s an Event. Artist Talk with South Africa’s Trevor Stuurman. Coffeeside by Variety Coffee Roasters

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Artist Talk with Trevor Stuurman

His visual articulation of culture through a continent, inspires a well rooted exoticism for a place all humankind can trace a heritage to, mother Africa. Creative, Photographer and Audio designer, Trevor Stuurman @trevorstuurman, creates images that are like a map, that not only reintroduces us – his viewer and himself – to a place we may have only known through history but also provides is a contemporary panorama of countries on the continent through design and sound, allowing us to see as he sees.

The collective at @dapperstudios welcomes him as part of our creative family for an artist talk, which I’m humbled to moderate in the company of coffee from
Ethiopia, sponsored by Brooklyn based Variety Coffee Roasters curated by Erika Vonie and poured by Ezra,  whose hands are like the diaspora from which coffee originates.

You are invited. RSVP at [email protected]