event.: BLOOM in Rhode Island, March 6, 2018.

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A short list of talks and discussions by panels organized by The Barista Guild of America welcomes the annual BlOOM– Coffee Conversations in Motion to Providence, Rhode Island.

This year, four additional cities will participate in hosting satellite hours of the event’s actual program.  This allows for these cities – Knoxville, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle – to also enjoy the event and its goals across the coffee nation. At a ticket price of $10 it’s quite a savings on the in real life ticket price- up to $100- if one doesn’t make it to Rhode Island to attend and commune in person.

According to its organizers the event and program is “a forum by which the coffee community can progress together in real time.”  This behooves the attendee to take advantage of all such discussions in relations to its featured subjects which engage its audience to explore, manage and roast all within the eco system of the specialty coffee industry.

This culture is especially excited to learn more about the quality of cacao and given the ongoing opening and rise of specialty coffee shops, how a retailer can transition to roasting. On Wednesday, March 7, BLOOM extends to community events that allow for tours of things that go well with coffee; doughnuts, baked goods and spirits.

Be there. Or plant ourselves at a satellite.