event.: Power to the Congo. Cafè Demitasse Brews at The LA Times Food Bowl.

bowling for congo

In a special event to honor how food and coffee make power moves, the multi-cafe brand Cafe Demitasse  joins LA Kitchen this Tuesday, at Power of Food. 

This evening will explore how food can be a powerful agent of change in a community. Serving coffee from the Congo, a place once torn by civil war, coffee wilt disease and a lack of coffee farmers. 

“Today there are over  11,000 coffee farmers in the country producing the Robusta and Arabica varieties,” according to reports. 

Adding a specialty flair to the international sourced bean, is roaster Café Demitasse, who will make a drink  showcasing the ingredients of rice, spices, mint, oranges, with a cold brew for a mint/orange/cold brew infused horchata.

In partnership with the LA Times,  presented by LA Kitchen and sponsored by Roland Foods, Chef José Andrés, Jonathan Gold (LA Times), Zooey Deschanel (Actress, Farm Project), Ron Finley (Gangsta Gardener) make cameos to commune and celebrate the opening of LA Times Food Bowl.

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