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photo: andrew kenney via need supply

photo: andrew kenney via need supply

I like my coffee: However Brian W. Jones says I should like it.”

Word to the blogger! This quote is great for many reasons, here are three.

1. We now live in a world where a coffee blogger’s opinion really does mean something.

Brain W. Jones, is one of the first visually inspiring coffee blogs I discovered when I entered into the rabbit hole of this coffee culture life. When I first discovered Dear Coffee I love You, it was kind of like reading the New York Times’ Thursday Style section, each time a new post came out.

2. There are ‘shoulds’ to coffee, however, I don’t see these ‘shoulds’ as a mandate but more like wonderful suggestions by diversified palettes.

We, as a coffee consuming culture, are moving to a place where that idea of such a palette, is viewed as one worthy of being trusted.

3. Specialty coffee has an audience and its growing.

People not only like coffee, they love it. As they appreciate coffee for what it can be and become, they will look for sources to discourse on the subject and help them get there. While there are a handful of trusted coffee bloggers that one can turn to, we need more of us, in all of our cultural nuances. For the record, I like my coffee, how I like it.  – cde