exCerpt:. Bill Cunningham, New York Times

On the Street 9-29-13

On the Street 9-29-13

“On the [Coffee] Street” Bill Cunningham

I feel like I’ve met Bill Cunningham. But, I know that I’ve never met Bill Cunningham.

But, if seeing a photo is like having a conversation, whereby 1,000 words – or less, or more – could be shared, then I’ve met Bill Cunningham. When I saw last Sunday’s street section, my love of hats was affirmed, my love for plaids -on men- was confirmed and my passion for how coffee meets street style was indubitably assured.

Count ’em up: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 cameos of what appears to be his subjects carrying coffee or the semblance thereof. Well, with a click of my kicks to the left, and up in the air, I must say this is a very fashionable spread of coffee-street-style. Nice chatting with you Mr. Cunningham. cde

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